Property Management in Andorra

Real Estate Asset Management

The management of real estate assets has become highly professional in Andorra in recent years, allowing us to affirm that we do not have much to envy in neighboring countries.

The work of specialists in the sector has made it possible to have business processes that regulate the activity and guide it towards objectives fully aligned with the organization’s strategy, and the Asset Manager is already a key figure in the management bodies.

At DIFFERENT immobles we make all our knowledge in this area available to our clients, company or individuals, through the formalization of processes that facilitate the transition to the new model that the market requires to companies that want to truly differentiate themselves by generating value.

Through a planned and professional management, we keep in mind the particularities of companies, which have in their balance sheet real estate assets that they need to manage efficiently, as private clients, with different properties owned, which have in their real estate assets an asset with a high value of investment and savings.

Complementing our consulting services, we help our clients to launch different sector-specific IT tools. The more than 20 years of experience and knowledge of the urban and construction sector in Andorra as well as our curious spirit have led us to acquire skills in all of them. This allows us to accompany our clients throughout the process, including the difficult first step of selecting properties with correct economic performance. A balanced performance between maximum security and maximum balance, with the obtaining of periodic rents and a capital gain at the time of sale.